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Eradicate the Hate 

"In order to make a difference we must be different! Then will we see the difference in our society."  -Ccen

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Creating practical support systems and resources to help Eradicate Hate from society. Empowering communities for change by spreading love, building networks and connecting people. 

Empowering Communities For Change

Get Involved and Be a Difference Today!


In Loving Memory of Bobbie Smith

We are overcome with sadness to announce the passing of our friend, and the founding Vice President of Eradicate the Hate, Bobbie Smith. Her contribution to this organization and to society as a whole will never be forgotten.

Bobbie Smith 

May 5, 1933 -July 21, 2022

Bobbie Smith was a living legend in the City of Long Beach. She served as head librarian at Long Beach City College for 22 years. She was the first black female to become faculty senate member and president. She served 4 terms as the President of the Long Beach Unified School District School Board. The Bobbie Smith Elementary School is named in her honor, and it was an honor to have her involved with the development and creation of Eradicate the Hate.

Mission Statement of Purpose

Eradicate The Hate brings awareness to the systems of systemic prejudice in our society and support human services programs that build community relations and Empower our Communities for Change!


To Communities 

Science + Technology + Research + Engineering + Arts + Mathematics + Spirituality

Eradicate The Hate is embarking on a campaign to bring awareness of the needs of STREAMS of innovation to our low-income communities. STEM Innovation has been promoted throughout our society within and through our governments systems with the focus being on advancing our military, Silicon Valley technology developments and system structures. The need of STREAMS to Communities are imperative due to the failure of many of our leaders to give attention to the need of STREAMS of education to our underserved populations. The world is quickly changing, and we must all grow and go together! No one will be left behind in these "STREAMS of Change"! 

"Put Down the Gun

 Pick Up your Passion".

Our Youth are in crisis, and we believe one of the problems is the lack of inspiration to discover and follow their passions. Our program, "Put Down the Gun and Pick Up your Passion", guides youth through the process of discovering what they are passionate about, and the creative process of manifesting their dreams, while leading them into happy fulfilling careers. We believe that unless you are happy doing what you are doing, you will not truly have a successful life! Success is in finding happiness and that comes from the heart. We believe that the heart is where our treasures are and as long as we follow the passions of the heart, we will always find our way to living happy, fulfilling lives.  

Working with the Five Points Youth Foundation youth to develop, inspire and empower them to follow their dreams!

Community Conversations  


Dr. Adrian Dove, Founder MLK Day Parade Los Angeles and Rev. Ezioku Washington, founder of the "We Can Foundation" joins Eradicate the Hate Founder, Queen Theresa King in a discussion on the state of our community and what solutions are needed to solve our problems. Noting that finding solutions to our issues with affordable housing, the LA homeless crisis and food disparities were most important in our discussions.  

Partnering with agencies throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties to assure the needs of those experiencing food disparities and essential needs resources are served. 

Building Community Partnerships

Cathy Steel of the Orange County Black Heritage Foundation and Joanna Martinez of the Womens Health Agency joins Eradicate the Hate to serve the women of Orange County.   


Connecting Resources to Communities 

Dr. Lestine Johnson, Compton Chamber President with Theresa King


Theresa King and Eradicate the Hate helped with the launch of the Compton Food Distribution program, arranging for pallets of food deliveries that was served to more than 1000 families in 3 days. 

Community Collaborations

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Food & Product Giveaway (20).jpg
Food & Product Giveaway (52).jpg
Food & Product Giveaway (29).jpg

Ana and Donna, Volunteers delivering food to the Seniors of Del Amo Gardens Apartments, who could not leave home during the Covid lockdowns.  


Food Delivery to Seniors


Eradicate the Hate brought together multiple agencies for a large community giveaway at Chapel of Change Church in Paramount California, where more than 1,000 households were served.

Enjoy the leaders of The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfTFCA)! They band together in 2020 to unite the people of Africa against the division and fear that was caused by Covid-19 and the misinformation that was given. Our founder, Queen Theresa King's song This too Shall Pass, and Eradicate the Hate is proud to be a part of this special PSA!  

Let's Talk About It!

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