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 Empowering Communities for Change Through Education and Community Resources

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Who's Caring for the Elderly?

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Don't forget about the elderly! Look around you and see that there are too many elderlies who are homeless without family members to care for them. ETH volunteers take food and essential personal care items door to door in senior housing and homeless camps. We also partner with other agencies who are servicing the homeless senior population. We also assist with other resources to help them navigate through life. 

Sisters Supporting Sisters

For more than 35 years Theresa King has been speaking to women of all ages and backgrounds. Her experience with domestic violence caused her to get certified for Domestic Violence Counseling. She has advised couples and families, helping them to heal from the wombs of the past. She has also created events and safe spaces for women to support women. She has made a valuable impact on the lives of women, helping them to start ministries and businesses across the country!

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Mental Health and Wellness

Offering a holistic approach to healing with workshops and spiritual retreats for wellness, that helps all who take in the experience develop a new passion for experiencing life! We address issues that enhance and develop the mind, body, soul and spirit! With our team of experts that consist of medical and health specialist, we are giving quality mental health and wellness resources that improves the lives of people. Our seniors are encouraged to get fit and stay fit. We also connect with agencies to provide medical resources and guidance for obtaining a healthier and better life.

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