Empowering Communities for Change Through Education and Community Resources

Eradicate The Hate provides resources to the community through the distribution of food and in-kind goods to non-profit organizations and community agencies who service the needy.


We will never stop empowering the community for change!  If you would like to volunteer, please call us at 323-812-4428. If you would like to donate, just click the donate link above. Thank you for visiting Eradicate The Hate Inc., a 501(c)3 corporation.

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Eradicate The Hate donated two large bob-tail truck-loads of food to the City of Compton Ca. to support in their aid to the Compton and surrounding communities. Over 500 cars drove through the line at the Compton Chamber of Commerce parking lot on the first day of our partnership. We are looking forward to giving tomorrow and throughout this crisis. If you need food and you are in the LA county area, the address to the Compton Chamber is 700 N. Bullis Rd. Compton Ca. 90221. Tuesdays and Wednesday’s they are servicing seniors, veterans and the disabled. Thursday’s-Saturday’s are open to all of the public.


Dr. Lestean Johnson President,

Compton Chamber of Commerce

 Inner-Faiths United

Providing community development resources to help Faith Base organizations service their communities more effectively. In addition to our own food distribution efforts, we are providing community development resources to help Faith Base organizations service their communities more effectively. We connect them with desperately needed resources such as food distribution, organization and structuring, as well provide food and food bank resources for direct distribution to the homeless and needy. With our "Life After Lock Up” program, our team of attorneys are assisting with defending those who have been wrongly accused in our prison system. We also are assisting those in the system with guidance to prepare them for the re-entry process so that they may be able to have a chance at not going back into the prison system.

Entrepreneurs in Business

Providing invigorating business workshops and conferences that inform and assist women entrepreneurs with the realization of their dreams of being business owners. This has resulted in many giving back to their communities by paying it forward by helping with the development of other female entrepreneurs. We produce high energy inspiring women’s impact workshops called “Motivating The Motivators”. This event is geared to re-charge the spiritual battery of the powerful woman who gives out of themselves for the growth and betterment of others.

Health and Wellness

Offering a holistic approach to healing with workshops and spiritual retreats for wellness, that helps all who take in the experience develop a new passion for experiencing life! We address issues that enhance and develop the mind, body, soul and spirit! With our team of experts that consist of medical and health specialist, we are giving quality mental health and wellness resources that improves the lives of people. Our seniors are encouraged to get fit and stay fit. We connect with agencies to provide medical resources and guidance for obtaining a healthier and better life.

Youth and Young Adults

As a nation and a people we can all agree that our youth are our greatest asset. Unfortunately, we have not made the investment necessary to insure that our youth and young adults are ready to face their futures with a positive outlook on life. “Eradicate The Hate” has a team of educators who are all about giving our youth the tools they need to succeed We are encouraging gang members to stop violent behaviors with our “Put Dow the Gun! “Pick Up the Passion Program”. We are also connecting with other community organizations and local community leaders to advance this initiative, as well creating other innovative programs geared towards the advancement of our nation’s youth!

We are also bringing awareness to the issue of gun violence in the nations school system. For too long this issue has not seriously been addressed by our nation’s leaders. We are proposing the idea of our nations veterans and trained support dogs unite in this fight against gun violence in our schools. We here at “Eradicate The Hate” believes this is a no-brainer and our research thus far says this is very doable.

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We are building programs that make the difference in the areas you care about.

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