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The Earth Is The Lords And The Fullness There Of, And All They That Dwell In It!

Most people in the earth believe that a higher power is responsible for the earth's existence.  With this belief, we know that it is necessary to concern ourselves with the well being of that which comes from the Creator. When we care for the Earth, we care for each other! It is our responsibility  to not only care for the earth, but to give others  the information and the tools to  do the same!

Eradicate the Hate Inc. needs your support as we work to develop legislation that will protect the earth from the dangerous pollution's that  are systematically placed into the earth's environment causing illnesses, specifically the unregulated chem-trails.

Chem-trails are dropped in the air over big cities and small towns all over the world! Recent studies have shown that the air is full of heavy metals that pollute the air and also cause mental illness, Alzheimer's and other sicknesses. 



Stop School Gun Violence

Eradicate The Hate has been working diligently to bring awareness and advocate for change on every area of our dysfunctional social spectrum. The issue of gun violence in our schools and the protection of our children is one of our greatest concerns. We believe the answer to this problem is to partner with our Veterans and our Dog community to train dogs and Vets to protect our children.Call us to learn how you can get involved. 

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